Broome Brothers Photography, LLC | Pricing



This is the part of the business we like the least. We love what we do and the happiness it creates so much we would love to do it for free. Over the years we have given away thousands of hours of our time because we really don't watch the clock when we're doing a shoot. A Premier Photographer will cost you thousands of dollars in sitting fees and prints and packages that don't give you the flexibility in getting your photographs in the sizes and quantities you want or the freedom in ordering at your pace. It is not uncommon for you to have to pay for it all up front and right now based on predetermined packages. At Broome Brothers, LLC it is not that way.


Our pricing structure lets you pay as you go. We schedule your photo shoot's location and time and  you pay a small setting fee then. After that it is up to you what you get and when you buy them. So that you can manage your finances the only limitation is a $25.00 minimum order. So seniors can order those all important wallet photos today. When you have traded them with your friends you can buy more. Families wanting photos taken in the summer when the schedules are more open can schedule the setting for June and order christmas cards in November.  For weddings we will meet with you and if you wish we will customize a package for your wedding so that you can stay on your budget. You will be being able to order premium photographic prints from our website for at least two years. 


If you would like a representative price list please send us an email. We'll get right back with you.